Histórias da Ditadura



Jean Marc von der Weid


Brazil. 1964 to the present: a political analysis: an interview with Jean Marc von der Weid.




Obras gerais, Memória, Depoimento, Editions Latin America, 1972



We feel a few words are necessary as an introduction to this rather long conversation. We wish to point out that this interview was held with very little notice and therefore, preparation. Present with Jean Marc were two members of Editions Latin America. The entire conversation was taped over one 3 1/2 hour sitting in the English language. Very little editing has gone into this final text. Because of the above limitation we do not pretend that this is a complete history of the Brazilian struggle over the last 10 years, but only an introduction into some of the aspects of the installation and maintenance of a fascist regime in Brazil by one person who fought against it, lived with it and felt its cruelness. We hope that this small pamphlet will serve as an introduction to the Brazilian situation and encourage further study into its many aspects. We especially hope that it will encourage both further study into North American involvement with this fascist regime and encourage action against this involvement.

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