Histórias da Ditadura



Leonor Estela de Souza Pinto


Le cinéma brésilien au risque de la censure pendant la dictature militaire de 1964 à 1985.




Censura, Université Toulouse II, 2001


This work consists on the establishment of the different movements of the action of censorship on the Brazilian movies during the military dictatorship that took place between 1964 and 1985 in Brazil, based on the analysis of the official documentation of censorship, that has been freed lately to consultation. Three are the vectors that will drive our thought : the documentation of censorship, the interviews with the directors of the movies analysed and the articles of press. My work is presented divided in three parts : Political Panorama, The Film Presentation and The Action of Censorship. Every part will be presented while following the chronology, in four movements : Years 50 / 60 ; 1964 / 1968 ; 1969 / 1974 and 1975 / 1985. The first part presents the political panorama from 1955 to 1985, starting on the period of the after war and finishing with the last military government. The second part presents the movies whose files are analysed. In this presentation, there are a brief synopsis, the history and the critiques about every film. The basis for this presentation were the press files on the movies and on the directors and the interviews. The third part presents the analysis of the censorship files on every movie, while showing how censorship changes its way to act in relation to the Brazilian movies, considering each different political period. Differently of the two previous parts, this part will be presented while respecting the chronology of the shooting of the movies. That is to say that every movie will have its file of censorship analysed from the beginning to the end, all at once. This work wants to establish how and at what point the military regime recognised the movies like a means of forming identities. And precisely because it had this conscience, it became fundamental to its maintenance to dismantle a certain Brazilian cinema by all means : the cinema that was becoming increasingly powerful as instrument of affirmation of the Brazilian cultural identity.
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